Seminar Information

Seminar Information

Topic: More Than a Promise

The Everlasting Covenant as presented through History.

God interacts with His people through the Covenant. Thus it is the basic doctrine of the Bible. The story of Jesus is the golden thread that runs through every page of the Bible. Jesus is the focus of the Covenant of God, and provides a framework for all the doctrines of the Bible, making them more clear in your mind.

This material is present on this website, and in a recent book, "More Than a Promise" which is available now. The author also offers a Seminar if desired. During a seminar, questions can be answered. A seminar will consist of a one hour presentation followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers. There is much material to cover, thus each person is encouraged to study the book or website between sessions.
Very few people have a full understanding of the Covenant of God. It is my hope to show that the Everlasting Covenant of God is a unity, and when accepted by faith, is the covenant through which we are all saved.

I have studied the covenant for about 10,000 hours this past nine years. What will be presented is not new light. The Bible, KJV, is the main source for information about the covenant. An effort is made to make this important message clear and simple, and as free of difficult words and concepts as possible. Most important, the covenant is not only a subject to study, it is a guide and a goal for your daily life.

For a seminar, certain expenses will need to be provided for; transportation, meals and lodging. This is a labor of love, and the author will take no salary. Several churches in one area can arrange to divide the transportation expenses. Please Email the Author for details. A book is available at cost for seminar participants, but is not required if a person can study the material on the website, . The advantage of a book, is that you can highlight parts of special interest, and make notes. Please email the author through this website for details.

Hubert F. Sturges, Author.