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The Book - More Than a Promise

The author has spent about 10,000 hours researching and writing the book, “More Than a Promise,” the Everlasting Covenant as Presented Throughout History. This is the story of Jesus Christ and His Promise to us. It is the golden thread that winds throughout all portions of the Bible. It has been a real blessing to me in my study, and in writing this book. You will be blessed too as you read it.

All the same material is found on the website, . There is an advantage in having a book, as you can make your own personal markings and notes. It is easier for many people to read a book than to read a website. However, both are good.

This book is also sold at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher, If you should like to order it direct from me, it is offered for $17.50, postpaid.

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