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To find information on this website,  type in the "search term" in the box at the upper left.  Then click on <search>

Search terms are not "case sensitive." It doesn't matter, if capitalized or not!

If you want just one word:  type it in
A phrase with several words or a Bible reference needs quotation marks; OR use the "Advanced Search"  to make your search more accurate.
Use an abbreviated title of the Bible book for Bible references.
This will bring up a "Search List" of all the articles where the search term is found.
Under each article search terms are listed in a one line context of the words where it is found, like in a concordance.

Click on the desired article to bring it up.

Click on  <ctrl> <f>  to place a new search box in the lower left corner of your screen.  Write in the search term again. This time do not use Quotation marks for any term.  You may now click on the down arrow to skip from one highlighted search term to the next - OR - you may highlight all the search terms and scroll the article to find what you want.

Note where the term was found so that you can go back and find it again for study or for copying. Click on the "X" at the left end of the search bar to take it away.

After examining an article, you can click the back arrow to return to the "Search List" to see another article, or click "Contents" to go directly to the article for study or copying. Sometimes you will need to click on the back arrow more than once.

To do a new search, click on "search" in the side bar of any article. To Email the Author...