The Everlasting Covenant

0 More Than a Promise

An Introduction to the Everlasting Covenant

A covenant is a formal agreement between two parties. In ancient times and in primitive societies covenants were sealed in blood. The ceremony finalizing the ancient covenants involved the signatories pledging their very lives if either should break the terms of the covenant.

A promise can be forgotten or changed almost at will. A modern contract includes much fine print and becomes legal when properly signed. If broken, a contract involves financial loss. A covenant is even more. It is more than a promise!

The Everlasting Covenant is supported by different forms of contract:
Just why are the interactions of God couched in a covenant? People today are concerned about assurance. It is in the covenant that men are given assurance as to the purpose and permanence of the will of God toward sinful human beings. God loves sinners like you and me. The covenant is His commitment to bring us back to the perfection of Eden.

God, the Father and the Son, covenanted together to restore to mankind all that was lost in Eden. This covenant was given to mankind as a pledge that He will save and support His creation. He will make it new and perfect again. Most important, Jesus Christ, Son of God, will take the place of mankind and take the penalty for the broken law of God. Man himself will be saved and the image of God restored! The Everlasting Covenant was confirmed as Jesus Christ shed His blood on Calvary. In this we have assurance. God is faithful.

The Everlasting Covenant is a broad subject which has many ramifications. It is the framework for our theology and the basis for the interaction between God and man. If you understand the Covenant, you will have taken a big step to understanding theology. You will know how things started, why things on this earth are as they are, and the eventual answers to many problems in life.

The Everlasting Covenant of God is simple: When the covenant was given, God made additional promises, and expected a response from man. Sinful man circumvents the covenant in many ways; doubting God, he asks questions, and he misunderstands the plain statements of God. Study of the covenant becomes complicated because men have made it so.

This book is a presentation of the Everlasting Covenant of God from before Creation of this earth, through the history of mankind, and eventually ending in the Earth made new. Understanding the Everlasting Covenant will open up the purpose of God in your life.

Hubert F. Sturges, Author