Renewals of the Covenant


About the Author:

Hubert F. Sturges, M.D. is a retired physician and the author of the covenant articles and the founder of this covenant project.

He is a third generation Seventh-day Adventist, born of missionary parents in the Belgian Congo. After medical school he served a five year mission term in Ethiopia.  His background in Bible study comes from going to church schools, teaching a Sabbath School class, and being an elder in the local church.  He is interested in the truth and applications of the everlasting covenant and this has been his consuming interest since 2004.

The purpose of this project is to present a unitary picture of the everlasting covenant, to stimulate discussion, and to arrive at truth. To achieve this the presentations of the covenant are given in historical sequence. The King James Bible is used as the basis for this project. Other translations may be used for clarity so long as there is agreement with the message of the King James Bible. Other authors are occasionally used for their added insight.

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